O&M Costs?

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O&M Costs?

Postby eleh » 21.03.2014, 15:13

Not including an inverter replacement, what is the typical Operating & Maintenance costs for a small solar system? For example a residential system in Germany? Do people typically pay to have them cleaned? Are there little things here and there that you have to address as they come up?

Is O&M $100/year for a small system or $50/year or...?
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Re: O&M Costs?

Postby Retrerni » 30.05.2014, 23:04

Well, usually the main costs occur due to insurances.
Cleaning is only required on special installations e.g. some farm site (due to extended contamiation caused by pigs or cows or even dust) or on very flat installations (below 15°).
Some electrical (and mechanical) safety checks should be done at least every 2nd year but could basically be done by the (at least skilled) owner itself, so no additional costs should arise besides those of tax accountants.


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Re: O&M Costs?

Postby MartinSo » 23.02.2018, 12:05

Does anyone know of any resources on electrical maintenance of the system by any chance?
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