FOX Analysts see whole solar industry about to collapse

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FOX Analysts see whole solar industry about to collapse

Postby valentino » 07.12.2011, 12:20

According to Analysts from FOX Nation, the entire Solar industry is about to collapse and Solyndra would have been just the beginning.

The reaction from didn't let oneself wait very long: See here and here

From my view this looks like some lobby-work that found its channel with fox news. If fox news would follow the market or just have any idea of the market, they would have noticed, that the solar industry is far from collapsing. Sure, it can be expected, that the world solar market will be run by 10 or 20 companies in the future. But the demand for pv is still increasing. That's nothing new. See the automobile industry for example. There are also only a few suppliers that share 95% of the global market.

regards valentino
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