GER: FIT-cuts monthly planned

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GER: FIT-cuts monthly planned

Postby valentino » 20.01.2012, 09:28

Yesturday Germany's Federal Environment Minister Norbert Rötgen and representatives of the solar industry agreed that the cuts of the Feed-in-Tariffs ought not to happen every six months but monthly. Günther Cramer - President of the German Solar Association (BSW) - informs that the new regulation can be implemented within the next six weeks.

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First reactions of users in the german are diverging. Some users rate this agreement over the old half-year-cut-regulation. No more end-year-rallys as happend in Dec. (3 GW in Ger) will appear. On the other hand especially solarteurs and installers mention the lack of planning reliability that comes with monthly cuts.

We will see how things develop. Stay tuned.

regards valentino
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