REN21: Growth of renewable Energies in 2011 around the globe

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REN21: Growth of renewable Energies in 2011 around the globe

Postby pete12 » 12.06.2012, 10:34

REN21 (Renewable Energy Network Policy for the 21st Century) sees a growth in renewables as they stated on their website

Here's a short overview. On the website you also can see spendings of the different countries / regions.

United States:
renewables provided 12.7% of total domestic electricity in 2011, up from 10.2% in 2010, and 9.3% in 2009. An estimated 39% of electric capacity added in 2011 was from renewable sources, mostly wind power. Renewable energy sources accounted for about 11.8% of U.S. domestic primary energy production (compared with nuclear’s 11.3%).

China :
was the top hydropower producer and leading manufacturer of PV modules in 2011.

Outtake from the official Press Release from REN21.

European Union:
renewables accounted for more than 71% of total electric capacity additions in 2011, with solar PV alone representing nearly half (46.7%) of new capacity that came into operation.

Germany :
remained the third biggest market for renewable energy investment. Renewable sources met 12.2% of total final energy consumption and accounted for 20% of electricity consumption (up from 17.2% in 2010 and 16.4% in 2009).

Latin America:
is far closer to achieving full energy access, particularly to electricity.Six Latin American countries expanded solar home systems which has resulted in the installation of more than 113.000 units in 2011.

8,432 new biogas plants were installed in nine countries in 2011 and production rates of biogas plants were up 100% compared to 2010.

Here you can read the press release in different languages (all PDF-files)

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