Suntech: operating loss of $1 billion - new world record

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Suntech: operating loss of $1 billion - new world record

Postby _Asker_ » 12.03.2012, 11:05

Suntech announced an operating loss of $1 billion in 2011. ... 11-451.htm

I thought that companies like suntech profit from the chinese subsidies. So who will pay for this losses? This is a bit confusing for me. Can anyone help me out here?

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Re: Suntech: operating loss of $1 billion

Postby valentino » 13.03.2012, 08:52

Anyway, Suntech today/yesturday announced that it set a new world record in pluto cell technology --> 20.3% efficiency.
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I'm with you that this is kind of confusing. Further it is no news that even chinese companies were making tough losses in 2011.
$1 billion tough is very high. But I could imagine that a big part of this losses come from depreciation - but don't know for sure.

regards valentino
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